Fibril assemblies in aqueous whey protein mixtures.

Research paper by Suzanne G SG Bolder, Hanneke H Hendrickx, Leonard M C LM Sagis, Erik E van der Linden

Indexed on: 08 Jun '06Published on: 08 Jun '06Published in: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry


Fibril formation in mixtures of whey proteins upon heating at pH 2 was investigated. Fibrils were found to coexist with other structures, such as spherulites. These spherulites consist of radially oriented fibrils. At total protein concentrations above 6 wt %, transparent gels were formed. Changing the ratio between the various whey proteins did not affect this gelation concentration as long as beta-lactoglobulin (beta-lg) was present, suggesting that beta-lg was dominant in the gelation. Pure alpha-lactalbumin and pure bovine serum albumin did not form fibrils, nor did they gel upon heating at pH 2 and 80 degrees C for up to 10 h. They did however induce a decrease in the beta-lg concentration needed for gel formation upon heating at pH 2. Our results suggest that beta-lg is the only fibril forming protein at the conditions used and that no mixed fibrils are formed.