Fibre bundle formulation of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics. V. Theory's interpretation, summary and discussion

Research paper by Bozhidar Z. Iliev

Indexed on: 20 Feb '99Published on: 20 Feb '99Published in: Quantum Physics


We propose a new systematic fibre bundle formulation of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics. The new form of the theory is equivalent to the usual one but it is in harmony with the modern trends in theoretical physics and potentially admits new generalizations in different directions. In it a pure state of some quantum system is described by a state section (along paths) of a (Hilbert) fibre bundle. It's evolution is determined through the bundle (analogue of the) Schr\"odinger equation. Now the dynamical variables and the density operator are described via bundle morphisms (along paths). The mentioned quantities are connected by a number of relations derived in this work. This is the fifth closing part of our investigation. We briefly discuss the observer's role in the theory and different realizations of the space-time model used as a base space in the bundle approach to quantum mechanics. We point the exact conditions for the equivalence of Hilbert bundle and Hilbert space formulations of the theory. A comparison table between the both description of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics is presented. We discuss some principal moments of the Hilbert bundle description and show that it is more general than the Hilbert space one. Different directions for further research are pointed too.