Ferric iron content of mineral inclusions in diamonds from George Creek, Colorado determined using Mössbauer spectroscopy

Research paper by C. A. McCammon, I. L. Chinn, J. J. Gurney, M. E. McCallum

Indexed on: 01 Oct '98Published on: 01 Oct '98Published in: Contributions to mineralogy and petrology. Beitrage zur Mineralogie und Petrologie


The Mössbauer milliprobe allows the determination of Fe3+/ΣFe in samples as small as 50 μm. For the first time this technique is applied to a suite of diamonds of eclogitic paragenesis, where three garnet and five clinopyroxene inclusions in diamonds from George Creek, Colorado have been analysed. For garnet Fe3+/ΣFe ranges from 0–7%, while values for clinopyroxene range from 8–14%. These results are consistent with the low oxygen fugacity conditions implied by the presence of the inclusions in diamond.