Fermionic scenario for the destruction of superconductivity in ultrathin MoC films evidenced by STM measurements

Research paper by P. Szabó, T. Samuely, V. Hašková, J. Kačmarčík, M. Žemlička, M. Grajcar, J. G. Rodrigo, P. Samuely

Indexed on: 21 Jan '16Published on: 21 Jan '16Published in: Physics - Superconductivity


We use sub-Kelvin scanning tunneling spectroscopy to investigate the suppression of superconductivity in homogeneously disordered ultrathin MoC films. We observe that the superconducting state remains spatially homogeneous even on the films of 3 nm thickness. The vortex imaging suggests the global phase coherence in our films. Upon decreasing thickness, when the superconducting transition drops from 8.5 to 1.2 K, the superconducting energy gap follows perfectly Tc. All this is pointing to a two-stage fermionic scenario of the superconductor-insulator transition (SIT) via a metallic state as an alternative to the direct bosonic SIT scenario with a Cooper-pair insulating state evidenced by the last decade STM experiments.