Fermionic continuous spin gauge field in (A)dS space

Research paper by R. R. Metsaev

Indexed on: 16 Mar '17Published on: 16 Mar '17Published in: arXiv - High Energy Physics - Theory


Fermionic continuous spin field propagating in (A)dS space-time is studied. Gauge invariant Lagrangian formulation for such fermionic field is developed. Lagrangian of the fermionic continuous spin field is constructed in terms of triple gamma-traceless tensor-spinor Dirac fields, while gauge symmetries are realized by using gamma-traceless gauge transformation parameters. It is demonstrated that partition function of fermionic continuous spin field is equal to one. Modified de Donder gauge condition that considerably simplifies analysis of equations of motion is found. Decoupling limits leading to arbitrary spin massless, partial-massless, and massive fermionic fields are studied.