Fermi paradox and alternative strategies for seti programs: The Anthropic Principle and the search for close solar analogs

Research paper by Massimo Fracassini, Laura E. Pasinetti Fracassini, Antonio L. Pasinetti

Indexed on: 01 Jul '88Published on: 01 Jul '88Published in: Astrophysics and Space Science


The Anthropic Principle, a new trend of modern cosmology, claims that the origin of life and the development of intelligent beings on the Earth is the result of highly selective biological processes, strictly tuned in the fundamental physical characteristics of the Universe. This principle could account for the failure of some programs of search for extraterrestrial intelligences (SETI) and suggests the search for strict solar analogs as a primary target for SETI strategies. In this connection, we have selected 22 solar analogs and discussed their choice.