Feasibility of linear arrays for interstitial ultrasound thermal therapy.

Research paper by R R Chopra, M J MJ Bronskill, F S FS Foster

Indexed on: 21 Jul '00Published on: 21 Jul '00Published in: Medical physics


The feasibility of linear array transducers for interstitial ultrasound thermal therapy was evaluated. Theoretical acoustic power distributions were used to calculate spatial heating patterns using the bioheat transfer equation. The spatial heating patterns of linear array and single element planar rectangular transducers were compared. Scanned heating with both transducer geometries produced asymmetric heating volumes; however, a more uniform radial temperature profile with a sharper margin was achieved with linear arrays. Single element transducers produced excessive heating near the probe surface. Homogeneous blood flow is predicted to reduce the mean temperature within the heated region, with little effect on the spatial pattern.