FDR Explorer

Research paper by Leo Freitas, Jim Woodcock

Indexed on: 03 Apr '08Published on: 03 Apr '08Published in: Formal Aspects of Computing


We describe: (1) the internal structures of FDR, the refinement model checker for Hoare’s Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP); and (2) an application-programming interface (API) that allows users to interact more closely with FDR and to have finer-grain control over its behaviour and data structures. This API makes it possible to create optimised CSP code to perform refinement checks that are more space or time efficient, enabling the analysis of more complex and data-intensive specifications. The API can be used either by those constructing CSP models or by tools that automatically generate CSP code. We present examples of using our tool, including handling advanced FDR features such as transparent functions, which compress state spaces before checking. We also show how to transform FDR’s graph format into a graph notation such as JGraph, enabling visualisation of labelled transition systems of CSP specifications.