Fault Tolerant Tracking Control Scheme for UAV Using Dynamic Surface Control Technique

Research paper by Moshu Qian, Bin Jiang, Dezhi Xu

Indexed on: 15 Mar '12Published on: 15 Mar '12Published in: Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing


In this paper, a novel fault tolerant control (FTC) approach is proposed for a hypersonic unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attitude dynamical system with actuator loss-of-effectiveness (LOE) fault. Firstly, the nonlinear attitude dynamics of hypersonic UAV is given, which represents the dynamic characteristics of UAV in ascent/reentry phases. Then a fault detection scheme is presented by designing a nonlinear fault detection observer (FDO) for the faulty attitude dynamical system of UAV. Moreover, the fault tolerant control scheme is proposed on the basis of the dynamic surface control technique, which guarantees the asymptotic output tracking and ultimate uniform boundedness of the closed-loop dynamical systems of UAV in the actuator LOE faulty case. Finally, simulation results are given to illustrate the effectiveness of the developed FTC scheme.