Fast and high-resolution ion chromatography at high pH on short columns packed with 1.8 microm surfactant coated silica reverse-phase particles.

Research paper by Sarah S Pelletier, Charles A CA Lucy

Indexed on: 20 Jun '06Published on: 20 Jun '06Published in: Journal of Chromatography A


Rapid ion chromatographic separations of small inorganic anions are performed on columns packed with high-pH resistant Zorbax Extend-C18 1.8 microm silica particles. Seven anions (iodate, chloride, nitrite, bromide, nitrate, phosphate, sulphate) are separated with 1.3 and 2 cm long x 0.46 cm I.D. C18 columns coated with the surfactant didodecyldimethylammonium bromide (DDAB). A 40 s separation is achieved at 2 mL/min with a 2.5 mM 4-hydroxybenzoic acid eluent at pH 10. Finally, the DDAB removal procedure is improved to eliminate the pressure build-up caused by precipitation of the surfactant in the column upon uncoating.