Facilitated Ion Transport in Smectic Ordered Ionic Liquid Crystals.

Research paper by Jin Hong JH Lee, Kee Sung KS Han, Je Seung JS Lee, Albert S AS Lee, Seo Kyung SK Park, Sung Yun SY Hong, Jong-Chan JC Lee, Karl T KT Mueller, Soon Man SM Hong, Chong Min CM Koo

Indexed on: 09 Sep '16Published on: 09 Sep '16Published in: Advanced Materials


A novel ionic mixture of an imidazolium-based room-temperature ionic liquid containing ethylene-oxide-functionalized phosphite anions is fabricated, which, when doped with lithium salt, self-assembles into a smectic ordered ionic liquid crystal through Coulombic interactions between the ion species. Interestingly, the smectic order in the ionic-liquid-crystal ionogel facilitates ionic transport.