Facile and large-scale production of ZnO/Zn-Al layered double hydroxide hierarchical heterostructures.

Research paper by Jinping J Liu, Xintang X Huang, Yuanyuan Y Li, K M KM Sulieman, Xiang X He, Fenglou F Sun

Indexed on: 27 Oct '06Published on: 27 Oct '06Published in: Journal of Physical Chemistry B


ZnO/Zn-Al layered double hydroxide (ZnO/Zn-Al LDH) hierarchical architecture, a new type of ZnO-based heterostructure, has been synthesized directly on an Al substrate via a facile solution phase process. The firecracker-like heterostructures consist of uniform ZnO nanorods orderly standing at the edges of two-dimensional (2D) surfaces of Zn-Al LDH nanoplatelets. Experimental result obtained from the early growth stage indicates that the underlying Zn-Al LDH nanoplatelet arrays are well constructed with their (00l) planes perpendicular to the surface of Al substrate. We propose that the "edge effect" of Zn-Al LDH and the "lattice match" between ZnO and Zn-Al LDH are vital to the growth of such heterostructures. The effects of total solution volume and NH3.H2O concentration on the formation of heterostructures are investigated. It is found that other LDH-based complex structures can also be achieved controllably by varying the mentioned experimental factors. Our work is the first demonstration of fabricating intricate ZnO/Zn-Al LDH heterostructures as well as well-defined Zn-Al LDH arrays on an Al substrate, for which several promising applications such as optoelectronics, biosensors, and catalysis can be envisioned.