Facial Artery Myomucosal Flap, Pedicled Solely on the Facial Artery: Experimental Model Study on Survival.

Research paper by Amin A Rahpeyma, Saeedeh S Khajehahmadi, Hamideh Salari HS Sedigh

Indexed on: 21 Sep '16Published on: 21 Sep '16Published in: The Journal of craniofacial surgery


Facial artery myomucosal flap pedicled solely on skeletonized facial artery has been reported in the literature. Venous drainage of this modified flap is doubtful so an animal study was designed to verify the survival of this flap.Three healthy adult male mongrel dogs with weight between 20 to 30 kg were enrolled in this study. Split mouth technique was used in this experiment. Flap paddle was designed over the facial artery and vein. Facial vein was ligated and divided. Flap was returned to the original site and sutured (experimental group). In the other side, flap was harvested but returned to the original position without disturbing the vascular pedicle (positive control).All buccal mucosa island flaps with preserved facial artery and vein were survived, whereas all the flaps with the occlusion of facial vein undergo necrosis.Island FAMM flap, pedicled only on skeletonized facial artery, is not biologically accepted for clinical usage.