Fabrication of optically smooth surface on the cleavage of porous silicon by gas cluster ion irradiation

Research paper by A.E. Ieshkin, S.E. Svyakhovskiy; V.S. Chernysh

Indexed on: 16 Dec '17Published on: 11 Dec '17Published in: Vacuum


Publication date: February 2018 Source:Vacuum, Volume 148 Author(s): A.E. Ieshkin, S.E. Svyakhovskiy, V.S. Chernysh Electrochemical etching of Si is a promising method of fabricating multilayer photonic structures with hundreds of layers. Nevertheless, the natural cleavage of the porous silicon structure has roughness and then high optical scattering that embarrasses the usage of porous silicon in optical devices. In this study, gas cluster ion beam irradiation was suggested as a polishing technique. The bombardment results in surface smoothing and consequent enhancement of light reflection without significant difference in sputtering rate of layers with different porosity. Increasing irradiation dose results in different behavior of porous layers: densification of low-porosity structures and nano-rods formation in high-porosity layers.