Fabrication of large-area microfluidics structures on glass by imprinting and diode-pumped solid state laser writing techniques

Research paper by Qiuping Chen, Qiuling Chen, Gabriele Maccioni, Adriano Sacco, Luciano Scaltrito, Monica Ferraris, Sergio Ferrero

Indexed on: 20 Sep '11Published on: 20 Sep '11Published in: Microsystem Technologies


A micro structured master prototype for imprint lithography in glass has been successfully fabricated by using a Q-switched Nd:YVO4 Diode-pumped solid state laser writing in Nickel-based alloy. The micro-structures in the prototype were characterized using an optical microscope, scanning electron microscopy, surface profilometer and field emission scanning electron microscopy. The surface quality of the fabricated master prototype was further improved through the process of polishing and cleaning. Then the master prototype was used for imprinting a soda lime glass substrate under the optimized imprinting conditions that have been previously studied for lab-on-chip devices. The results showed that very good quality transfer of the micro structures from the prototype master to the glass substrate was obtained.