Fabrication of high strength α, α+β, β phase containing Mg-Li alloys with 0.2%Y by extruding and annealing process

Research paper by Yan Tang, Weitao Jia, Xuan Liu, Qichi Le, Yulei Zhang

Indexed on: 05 Aug '16Published on: 04 Aug '16Published in: Materials Science and Engineering: A


Themicrostructural evolution and a precipitation strengthening behavior of Mg-xLi-3Al-2Zn-0.2Y(x=5,8, 11)by extruding and annealing process were investigated. Results show that when annealing at 300 °C for 6 hand 12 hand 24 h,the MgAlLi2 phase decomposes and vanishes from the matrices, meanwhile, recrystallization behavior of α and β grains can be observed. After annealing at 250 °C, in the Mg-8Li-3Al-2Zn-0.2Yand Mg-11Li-3Al-2Zn-0.2Y,a great deal of intermetallic compounds (1.8-2.5 μm) extensively precipitate from β phase. In contrast, no evident precipitation behavior happens in the Mg-5Li-3Al-2Zn-0.2Y. The large number of dispersive precipitates in β phase significantly enhance the strength of the alloys.

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