Fabrication of gold patterns via multilayer transfer printing and electroless plating.

Research paper by Fevzihan F Basarir

Indexed on: 27 Jan '12Published on: 27 Jan '12Published in: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces


Gold patterns were fabricated on Si wafer substrate via multilayer transfer printing of polyelectrolytes, followed by selective deposition of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) and then electroless plating of gold. First, PDMS stamp was coated with (PAH)(1)/(PSS/PDAC)(10) multilayer system, followed by transfer printing on the piranha cleaned fresh Si wafer substrate. Next, the substrate was dipped in AuNP solution for deposition of the nanoparticles on PAH layer. Then, the substrate was subjected to electroless plating to obtain the gold patterns. Very clean and precise gold patterns with electrical conductivity of 2.5 × 10(5) Ω(-1) cm(-1) were obtained.