Fabrication of chemisorption fibres from graft copolymers of polyvinyl alcohol and polyglycidyl methacrylate

Research paper by T. V. Druzhinina, A. N. Emel'yanova, L. A. Nazar'ina, L. M. Smolenskaya

Indexed on: 01 May '98Published on: 01 May '98Published in: Fibre Chemistry


Mathematical modeling and optimization of fabrication of PVA-PGMA graft copolymers were conducted. The optimum parameters of graft polymerization which allow obtaining a graft copolymer with a high concentration of graft polymer were established. It was found that fluctuation of the temperature in the range of ±2‡C did not significantly affect graft polymerization. A chemisorption fibre with SEC for HCl of 3.5 mmole/g was fabricated from PVA-PGMA graft copolymers; it exhibits sorption activity with respect to copper ions, and the degree of extraction from dilute solutions is 90–97%.