Fabrication and properties of an anisotropic PZT/polymer 0–3 composite

Research paper by R. Fries, A. J. Moulson

Indexed on: 01 Aug '94Published on: 01 Aug '94Published in: Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics


Anisotropic 0–3 PZT platelet/polymer composites were prepared by a route involving the tape casting and sintering of PZT sheets and the subsequent alignment of platelets in a polymer matrix by either calendering or tape casting; both techniques induced a strong alignment of the platelets. At 60 vol 1/2 loading, measured d33- and dh-values of ~ 30 pC N−1 and ~ 100 pC N−1, respectively, were obtained; the calculated gh-value was 83 mV mN−1. A strong ‘relaxation’ effect observed is considered most likely to be dependent on the characteristics of the polymer phase.