Extraordinary Invariants are Seeds that Grow Interacting Theories Out of Free Theories

Research paper by J. A. Dixon

Indexed on: 07 Apr '13Published on: 07 Apr '13Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


Extraordinary Invariants are elements of the BRST Cohomology Space which are irrevocably dependent on Zinn sources. The existence of an Extraordinary Invariant means that the symmetry is broken in that sector, and that the field equations can almost rescue the invariance. Adding the Extraordinary Invariant to the action results in a new theory with constraints on the starting theory. So Extraordinary Invariants are seeds from which a theory can grow. For a simple example, it is shown in this paper how Yang Mills theory is implicitly contained in the BRST Cohomology of Free Gauge Theory. It comes from an Extraordinary Invariant which can be added to the free gauge action. The Jacobi Identities are generated by requiring that the BRST Poisson Bracket be zero. Since the mechanism is a general one, it can be used to construct new theories. Some of these, for example in Supersymmetric theories, have not yet been noticed using other methods.