Extraction and characterization of native starch obtained from the inhambu tuber

Research paper by Gabriela Muricy de Souza Silva, Cristiane Martins Veloso, Leandro Soares Santos, Biano Alves de Melo Neto, Rafael da Costa Ilhéu Fontan, Renata Cristina Ferreira Bonomo

Indexed on: 20 Dec '19Published on: 20 Dec '19Published in: Journal of Food Science and Technology


Starch is the main carbohydrate consumed by humans, obtained from many vegetable sources and known for its non-toxicity, applications and low cost. The aim of this work was the extraction and study of characteristics of non-conventional starch arising from inhambu (Dioscorea trifida L.). Chemical, physicochemical, thermal, morphological, structural and technological properties were evaluated. The starch yield percentage obtained from the extraction, starch and amylose contents of inhambu starch were considerably high, 22.76%, 84.56% and 36.82% respectively. Native starch presented high purity due the low ash, protein and fat content. The thermogravimetric analysis shown 69% weight loss in a 293.12–476.59 °C temperature range and the endothermic peak was at 100.0 °C. The starch granule morphology shown spherical shapes and smooth surfaces and size ranging from 5.06 to 14.59 µm. Considering the unique starch characteristics, its application in different industrial sectors can be foreseen.