Extinction of the excretory alkali metal response (EAMR) to stress in a reptile

Research paper by Irwin M. Spigel, Alex Ramsay

Indexed on: 24 Oct '13Published on: 24 Oct '13Published in: Psychonomic science


Some parameters in the extinction of the stress-induced potentiation of sodium and potassium excretion in turtles were examined in three experiments. A pattern similar to that of a conditioned-response decrement was obtained with termination of shock, and the sensitivity of EAMR extinction to differential antecedent shock administration was demonstrated. It was also found that the increment in cation excretion, following shock administration in a consistent daily pattern, was much more resistant to extinction than that observed in randomly shocked Ss. The difficulty in reconciling these results with those from other species and using other procedures is discussed.