Extensible 3D architecture for superconducting quantum computing

Research paper by Qiang Liu, Mengmeng Li, Kunzhe Dai, Ke Zhang, Guangming Xue, Xinsheng Tan, Haifeng Yu, Yang Yu

Indexed on: 07 May '17Published on: 07 May '17Published in: arXiv - Quantum Physics


Using a multi-layered printed circuit board, we propose a 3D architecture suitable for packaging supercon- ducting chips, especially chips that contain two-dimensional qubit arrays. In our proposed architecture, the center strips of the buried coplanar waveguides protrude from the surface of a dielectric layer as contacts. Since the contacts extend beyond the surface of the dielectric layer, chips can simply be flip-chip packaged with on-chip receptacles clinging to the contacts. Using this scheme, we packaged a multi-qubit chip and per- formed single-qubit and two-qubit quantum gate operations. The results indicate that this 3D architecture provides a promising scheme for scalable quantum computing.