Extant reviews on entry-mode/internationalization, mergers & acquisitions, and diversification: Understanding theories and establishing interdisciplinary research

Research paper by Kotapati Srinivasa Reddy

Indexed on: 15 Mar '16Published on: 26 May '15Published in: Pacific Science Review


This paper aims to accomplish three objectives while drawing attention to the speed of adapting international management practices in emerging markets. First, we summarize 67 extant review studies on entry-mode/internationalization, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and diversification. Second, a synopsis of 17 theories propounded in different disciplines referring to business organization and management is presented, including the theory of foreign direct investment, market imperfections theory, the theory of transaction cost economics, internalization theory, eclectic paradigm, the Uppsala theory of internationalization, long-purse theory, resource-based-view theory, resource dependence theory, the theory of competitive advantage, organizational learning theory and learning-by-doing, bargaining power theory, information asymmetry theory, agency theory, institutional theory, liability of foreignness, and market efficiency theory. Last, we propose a two-band model both for establishing interdisciplinary research and for promoting more theory-building research in global strategic management. We also recommend a few research arguments for potential exploration in entry-mode, M&A and diversification.

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