Exstrophy epispadias complex- Issues beyond the initial repair.

Research paper by Jai K JK Mahajan, Kattragadda L N KL Rao

Indexed on: 02 Mar '13Published on: 02 Mar '13Published in: Indian journal of urology : IJU : journal of the Urological Society of India


Despite advances in the management of exstrophy epispadias complex (EEC), the quality of life of these patients is far from good. The post-operative period is complicated by numerous and variable events - infection, dehiscence, upper tract dilatation with deterioration, fistulas, stone formation and incontinence to name a few of the major complications. Redo surgery for bladder closure, bladder neck reconstruction, epispadias repair and closure of fistulas are frequently required. The current focus is on limiting the frequency and morbidity of the reconstructive procedures. A successful initial closure and early satisfactory cosmetic and functional results are gratifying for the family and the health care team, but this is only the beginning of the lifelong care necessary for bladder exstrophy (BE) patients. In this article, the long-term outcome of various treatment options and the continent procedures in BE has been reviewed, tracing the journey of these patients into adolescence and adulthood.