Exposure to high dosage trihexyphenidyl during pregnancy for treatment of generalized dystonia: case report and literature review.

Research paper by Bradley James BJ Robottom, Stephen G SG Reich

Indexed on: 03 Nov '11Published on: 03 Nov '11Published in: The neurologist


Trihexyphenidyl is 1 of the most effective agents for treatment of young-onset dystonia. As such, women of childbearing potential use trihexyphenidyl despite inadequate information about potential effects on pregnancy, labor, and fetal development.We report 2 uncomplicated pregnancies in 1 woman with early-onset, sporadic, primary generalized dystonia (DYT1 negative) treated with high dosage trihexyphenidyl and review the literature on antidystonic agents and pregnancy.Although there is limited data, our case demonstrates that high-dosage trihexyphenidyl treatment is not necessarily a contraindication to pregnancy.