Exploring charge transfer processes and crystallization dynamics in donor-acceptor crystals

Research paper by Wei-Long Xu, Yan-Bo Wang; Xiao-Yu Yang; Wei Qin; Xiao-Tao Hao

Indexed on: 27 Apr '18Published on: 16 Apr '18Published in: Organic Electronics


Publication date: July 2018 Source:Organic Electronics, Volume 58 Author(s): Wei-Long Xu, Yan-Bo Wang, Xiao-Yu Yang, Wei Qin, Xiao-Tao Hao Donor-acceptor crystals are of huge potential applications in the area of sensor, memory and radio frequency devices. In this work, we observed the stacking modes between poly (3-thiophene) and fullerene are mainly segregated-stacking and mixed-arrangement within crystals. Based on real-time structure analyses, poly (3-thiophene) and fullerene do not show crystallization initially in the solution state although there exists antisolvent. However, poly (3-thiophene) completed crystallization and demonstrated ordered nanowire structures after 90 min evolution, while, fullerene needs long time saturated evaporation to crystallize. In addition, the analysis of time dependent charge transfer process provides more information to further understand the crystallization dynamics. Therefore, revealing the nucleation and growth mechanism of organic charge transfer crystals and modifying the self-assembling processes will drive the development of a new class of organic nano electronics. Graphical abstract

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