Explanation of dijet asymmetry in Pb-Pb collisions at the Large Hadron Collider.

Research paper by Guang-You GY Qin, Berndt B Müller

Indexed on: 24 May '11Published on: 24 May '11Published in: Physical review letters


We investigate the medium modification of a partonic jet shower traversing in a hot quark-gluon plasma. We derive and solve a differential equation that governs the evolution of the radiated gluon distribution as the jet propagates through the medium. Energy contained inside the jet cone is lost by dissipation through elastic collisions with the medium and by scattering of shower partons to larger angles. We find that the jet energy loss at early times is dominated by medium effects on the vacuum radiation, and by medium-induced radiation effects at late times. We compare our numerical results for the nuclear modification of the dijet asymmetry with that recently reported by the ATLAS Collaboration.