Experimental Study on Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Compact Tension Specimens

Research paper by G. Zou, C. Zhao; Z. Chang; W. Zhao; Y. Fan; S. Liu; B. Zhang

Indexed on: 01 Jul '18Published on: 27 Jun '18Published in: Experimental Techniques


In this paper, the dynamic fracture toughness test of 2A12T4 aluminum alloy compact tension (CT) specimens is carried out by tensile stress waves, based on a Hopkinson experimental device. The crack propagation of the CT specimen is recorded by a high-speed camera. The dynamic fracture toughness of CT specimens with two different crack forms was studied by using the digital image correlation method and the strain gauge method. The study analyzed the CT specimen dynamic fracture toughness of different crack types, different thicknesses and prefabricated lengths were discussed. Research results indicate that, under the same loading conditions, the dynamic fracture toughness of prefabricated fatigue crack specimens is less than of the wire cutting gap specimens. With an increase in the length of fabricated fatigue crack, the dynamic fracture toughness decreases. The dynamic fracture toughness of 15 mm thick CT specimens is greater than that of 20 mm thick specimens.