Experimental Probes of the Randall-Sundrum Infinite Extra Dimension

Research paper by Daniel J. H. Chung, Hooman Davoudiasl, Lisa Everett

Indexed on: 14 Nov '00Published on: 14 Nov '00Published in: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology


The phenomenological possibilities of the Randall-Sundrum non-compact extra dimension scenario with the AdS horizon increased to approximately a millimeter length, corresponding to an effective brane tension of TeV^4, are investigated. The corrections to the Newtonian potential are found to be the only observationally accessible probe of this scenario, as previously suggested in the literature. In particular, the presence of the continuum of KK modes does not lead to any observable collider signatures. The extent to which experimental tests of Newtonian gravity can distinguish this scenario from the scenario of Arkani-Hamed, Dimopoulos, and Dvali with one and two millimeter size extra dimensions is explicitly demonstrated.