Experimental Investigation and Thermodynamic Calculation of the Phase Equilibria in the Cu-Fe-Ta System

Research paper by Xingjun Liu, Wenliang Huang, Yihui Guo, Shuiyuan Yang, Yong Lu, Cuiping Wang

Indexed on: 17 Oct '14Published on: 17 Oct '14Published in: Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion


The phase equilibria in the Cu-Fe-Ta ternary system at 1000, 1100 and 1200  C have been experimentally determined by optical microscopy, electron probe micro-analyzer and x-ray diffraction on ternary equilibrated alloys. The Cu-Ta binary system was reassessed and the thermodynamic assessments of the Cu-Fe-Ta ternary system were carried out by using calculation of phase diagrams method on the basis of the experimental data investigated in the present work. A consistent set of the thermodynamic parameters leading to reasonable agreement between the calculated results and experimental data was obtained in the Cu-Ta and Cu-Fe-Ta systems.