Experimental detection of multipartite entanglement using witness operators.

Research paper by Mohamed M Bourennane, Manfred M Eibl, Christian C Kurtsiefer, Sascha S Gaertner, Harald H Weinfurter, Otfried O Gühne, Philipp P Hyllus, Dagmar D Bruss, Maciej M Lewenstein, Anna A Sanpera

Indexed on: 05 Mar '04Published on: 05 Mar '04Published in: Physical review letters


We present the experimental detection of genuine multipartite entanglement using entanglement witness operators. To this aim, we introduce a canonical way of constructing and decomposing witness operators so that they can be directly implemented with present technology. We apply this method to three- and four-qubit entangled states of polarized photons, giving experimental evidence that the considered states contain true multipartite entanglement.