Experimental Blind Quantum Computing for a Classical Client.

Research paper by He-Liang HL Huang, Qi Q Zhao, Xiongfeng X Ma, Chang C Liu, Zu-En ZE Su, Xi-Lin XL Wang, Li L Li, Nai-Le NL Liu, Barry C BC Sanders, Chao-Yang CY Lu, Jian-Wei JW Pan

Indexed on: 28 Sep '17Published on: 28 Sep '17Published in: Physical review letters


To date, blind quantum computing demonstrations require clients to have weak quantum devices. Here we implement a proof-of-principle experiment for completely classical clients. Via classically interacting with two quantum servers that share entanglement, the client accomplishes the task of having the number 15 factorized by servers who are denied information about the computation itself. This concealment is accompanied by a verification protocol that tests servers' honesty and correctness. Our demonstration shows the feasibility of completely classical clients and thus is a key milestone towards secure cloud quantum computing.