Experimental and numerical study on the shear velocity distribution along one or two dunes in tandem

Research paper by Almerindo D. Ferreira, Sérgio R. Pinheiro, Sara C. Francisco

Indexed on: 27 Apr '13Published on: 27 Apr '13Published in: Environmental Fluid Mechanics


This paper investigates, experimentally and numerically, the shear velocity distribution along a single transverse dune and along two closely spaced dunes, analyzing the flow effects of one dune upon the other. The paper focuses on two-dimensional models simulating transverse sand dunes. The shape of the two pile geometries studied is described by sinusoidal curves, one having a maximum slope of \(32^{\circ }\) and the other \(27.6^{\circ }\), with leeward flow separation. The tests were carried out for two undisturbed wind speeds and the experimental data obtained through wind-tunnel modeling encompass flow visualization and shear-velocity results. A generally good agreement is observed between the experimental measurements and computational results. From the inquiry between shear velocity distributions and published eroded contours for the same geometries, it appears the Bagnold’s approach is insufficient in the prediction of threshold conditions in wake flows formed in the dune’s leeward side.