Exome sequencing identifies predisposing and fusion gene in ganglioneuroma, ganglioneuroblastoma and neuroblastoma.

Research paper by Wei W Wu, Wei Jue WJ Xu, Jiang Bin JB Liu, Jun J Sun, Yi Min YM Huang, Zhi Bao ZB Lv

Indexed on: 10 Nov '19Published on: 09 Nov '19Published in: Mathematical biosciences and engineering : MBE


This study intended to gain new insight into the genetic basis underlying ganglioneuroma (GN), ganglioneuroblastoma (GNB), and neuroblastoma (NB). Three fresh-frozen surgically resected tumor tissues (GN1, GNB1, and NB1) and matched blood samples (GN2, GNB2, and NB2) were respectively obtained from three pediatric patients with GN, GNB, and NB. After exome sequencing, we predicted the somatic single nucleotide variants (SNV) and insertion and deletion (InDel), and screened the predisposing genes. Finally, we detected and filtered the fusion gene using Fusionmap. Exome sequencing identified 815, 985, and 884 somatic SNV, and 56, 43, and 34 InDel for GN, NB, and GNB respectively. Total 29, 19 and 37 predisposing genes were identified from GN, GNB and NB samples, such as (GN), (GN), (NB), (GNB), and (GNB). Additionally, four common fusion genes, such as and were identified from three tumor samples. Moreover, was also a common fusion position in three blood samples. These previously unrecognized predisposing genes, such as and and fusion genes, like and may have the potential to impact the progression and development of neuroblastic tumors.

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