Excitation power dependent optical temperature behaviors in Mn4+ doped oxyfluoride Na2WO2F4.

Research paper by Peiqing P Cai, Xiangfu X Wang, Hyo Jin HJ Seo

Indexed on: 05 Jan '18Published on: 05 Jan '18Published in: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics


A Mn4+ doped Na2WO2F4 phosphor was synthesized through a two-step wet chemical method. The relationship between crystal structure and luminescence properties is discussed and unusual strong intense zero phonon lines (ZPLs) have been found in a distorted octahedral environment. The power dependent luminescence spectra exhibit the existence of down conversion luminescence intensity saturation under a high pumping power limit. The fluorescence intensity ratios of anti-Stokes bands to the ZPL and Stokes bands reveal an obvious temperature dependent relationship based on thermal de-population from the low states to the upper states of an intrinsic Mn4+ 2Eg → 4A2g transition. The temperature dependent emission intensity of Mn4+ is investigated by changing the excitation power, and an optical temperature sensitivity as high as 0.00658 K-1 is achieved at 193 K with the intensity ratio of anti-Stokes bands to the ZPL under 488 nm excitation by a Xenon lamp. This work presents a new method to realize optical thermometry at low temperature by controlling the intensity ratio of the anti-Stokes bands to the ZPL.