Excitation of helical shape argon atmospheric pressure plasma jet using RF pulse modulation

Research paper by Mahreen, G. Veda Prakash, Satyananda Kar, Debaprasad Sahu, A. Ganguli

Indexed on: 29 Aug '21Published on: 24 Aug '21Published in: Journal of applied physics


Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 130, Issue 8, August 2021. The article reports the excitation of a helical argon atmospheric pressure plasma jet using a pulse-modulated 13.56 MHz radio frequency (RF) power source. This helical structure is observed in open ambient air, which is far different from the conventional conical shape. This helical structure originates due to the periodic pressure variation in the discharge region caused by pulse-modulated RF (2 kHz modulation frequency) and propagates downstream into the ambient air. The geometrical characteristics of the observed structure are explored using optical imaging. Moreover, the influence of various input parameters, viz., duty cycle, gas flow rate, and RF power, of the modulated pulse on the formation of a helical structure are studied. These helical structures have an implication on the plasma jet chemical features (enhancement of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species) as these are involved in an increase in air entrainment into the ionization region desired for various plasma applications.