Exchange fluctuation theorem for correlated quantum systems.

Research paper by Sania S Jevtic, Terry T Rudolph, David D Jennings, Yuji Y Hirono, Shojun S Nakayama, Mio M Murao

Indexed on: 14 Nov '15Published on: 14 Nov '15Published in: Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics


We extend the exchange fluctuation theorem for energy exchange between thermal quantum systems beyond the assumption of molecular chaos, and describe the nonequilibrium exchange dynamics of correlated quantum states. The relation quantifies how the tendency for systems to equilibrate is modified in high-correlation environments. In addition, a more abstract approach leads us to a "correlation fluctuation theorem". Our results elucidate the role of measurement disturbance for such scenarios. We show a simple application by finding a semiclassical maximum work theorem in the presence of correlations. We also present a toy example of qubit-qudit heat exchange, and find that non-classical behaviour such as deterministic energy transfer and anomalous heat flow are reflected in our exchange fluctuation theorem.