Exact Entanglement dynamics in Three Interacting Qubits

Research paper by WenBin He, Xi-Wen Guan

Indexed on: 12 Jun '19Published on: 03 Apr '19Published in: arXiv - Quantum Physics


Motivated by recent experimental study on coherent dynamics transfer in three interacting atoms or electron spins \cite{Barredo:2015,Rosenfeld:2018}, here we study entanglement entropy transfer in three interacting qubits. We analytically calculate time evolutions of wave function, density matrix and entanglement of the system. We find that initially entangled two qubits may alternatively transfer their entanglement entropy to other two qubit pairs. So that dynamical evolution of three interacting qubits may produce a genuine three-partite entangled state through entanglement entropy transfers. In particular, different pairwise interactions of the three qubits endow symmetric and asymmetric evolutions of the entanglement transfer, characterized by the quantum mutual information and concurence. Finally, we discuss an experimental proposal of three Rydberg atoms for testing the entanglement dynamics transfer of this kind.