Evolution des cellules gonadotropes préhypophysaires au cours du cycle oestral chez la ratte

Research paper by Jacqueline Roos

Indexed on: 01 Sep '67Published on: 01 Sep '67Published in: Cell and Tissue Research


Morphological and numerical variations of the pituitary gonadotrophs ß and γ were studied during 4 days cycles at different stages of the oestrous cycle in the Rat.The highest degree of degranulation of the ß cells was observed first during the night of dioestrous II to prooestrous and afterwards on the afternon of prooestrous.The degranulation of the γ cells began in the morning of prooestrous and reached its higher degree at 4 p. m. in prooestrous.The first peak of degranulation of the ß cells was supposed to be related to the wave of follicular growth which occurs on the day of dioestrous II according to Long and Evans. The second phase of degranulation of these cells was considered as a prooestrous diurnal discharge of FSH synergically with the ovulatory discharge of LH by the γ cells during the critical period of the cycle.