Evaluation of modified portable digital camera for screening of diabetic retinopathy.

Research paper by Kakarla V KV Chalam, Vikram S VS Brar, Ravi R Keshavamurthy

Indexed on: 30 May '09Published on: 30 May '09Published in: Ophthalmic research


To describe a portable wide-field noncontact digital camera for posterior segment photography.The digital camera has a compound lens consisting of two optical elements (a 90-dpt and a 20-dpt lens) attached to a 7.2-megapixel camera. White-light-emitting diodes are used to illuminate the fundus and reduce source reflection. The camera settings are set to candlelight mode, the optic zoom standardized to x2.4 and the focus is manually set to 3.0 m.The new technique provides quality wide-angle digital images of the retina (60 degrees ) in patients with dilated pupils, at a fraction of the cost of established digital fundus photography.The modified digital camera is a useful alternative technique to acquire fundus images and provides a tool for screening posterior segment conditions, including diabetic retinopathy in a variety of clinical settings.