Etiology of endotoxin aggression and its role as an obligate pathogenetic factor in iridocyclites of different origins

Research paper by Ya. Kh. Vyshegurov, I. A. Anikhovskaya, A. Yu. Rascheskov, I. A. Usov, M. Yu. Yakovlev

Indexed on: 01 Dec '06Published on: 01 Dec '06Published in: Human physiology


An excess of intestinal endotoxin and a deficiency of antiendotoxin immunity are necessary components of the pathogenesis of iridocyclites of both viral and unknown origins. Bacteroids, colibacillus, blue pus bacillus, and Proteus are the most common factors in endotoxin aggression. Combined treatment supplemented with an “antiendotoxin component” considerably decreases the incidence of relapses of the disease.