Ergodic Actions and Spectral Triples

Research paper by Olivier Gabriel, Martin Grensing

Indexed on: 02 Feb '13Published on: 02 Feb '13Published in: Mathematics - Operator Algebras


In this article, we give a general construction of spectral triples from certain Lie group actions on unital C*-algebras. If the group G is compact and the action is ergodic, we actually obtain a real and finitely summable spectral triple which satisfies the first order condition of Connes' axioms. This provides a link between the "algebraic" existence of ergodic action and the "analytic" finite summability property of the unbounded selfadjoint operator. More generally, for compact G we carefully establish that our (symmetric) unbounded operator is essentially selfadjoint. Our results are illustrated by a host of examples - including noncommutative tori and quantum Heisenberg manifolds.