Equestrian Injuries.

Research paper by A M AM Bernhang, G G Winslett

Indexed on: 01 Jan '83Published on: 01 Jan '83Published in: The Physician and sportsmedicine


In brief: It has always been assumed that participants in equestrian sports are at high risk of serious injury and that minor injuries are common. This study of American Horse Shows Association and United States Pony Clubs horse shows tried to determine if shows are as safe as or safer than other sports, what the accident rate is for horse shows, if any factors influence the accident rate, and what types of accidents and injuries occur. There were 290 reported injuries and two deaths in the 984 responding shows. The accident rate per entry was 0.0003. There was no statistically significant relationship between any external factors and the accident rate. Anecdotes usually indicate a preponderance of shoulder injuries, but the statistics did not find this to be so. Bruises and being "shook up" accounted for 45.5% of the injuries, and fractures 15.5%.