EPR Paradox and Magician's Props

Research paper by Liangsuo Shu, Shiping Jin, Xiaokang Liu, Suyi Huang, Zhidong Zeng, Alice Fox, Kun Li, Jingyi Tan

Indexed on: 22 Jul '14Published on: 22 Jul '14Published in: Quantum Physics


Local realism has been knocked down by the experiments with entangled pairs of particles based on Bell's theorem(J. S. Bell, Physics (Long Island City, N.Y.) 1, 195 (1964)). However, there has been continuing debate on whether locality or realism is the problem. In this work, we analyzed the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen thought experiment of Bohm's version using information theory and thermodynamics. The inference of non-locality from EPR experiments will be against the principle of non-realism of quantum mechanics. Therefore, the experiments about quantum entanglement cannot provide any proof to accuse locality.