Research paper by A A Jahn, M M Sommer, J J Henniger

Indexed on: 10 Apr '16Published on: 10 Apr '16Published in: Radiation protection dosimetry


In the course of this work, a dosemeter for measurement of ambient dose equivalentH*(10) based on the BeOSL dosimetry system was designed. Calculations of the energy response of the two-element BeOSL personal dosemeter in terms ofH*(10) showed that the response does not fulfil the requirements ofIEC 62387 Especially, the response for photon energies of 60-100 keV is too low. It is possible to correct this under-response using a BeOSL two-element dosemeter, a linear algorithm and an additional cover for the dosemeter. TheHp(0.07) element is shielded with lead, and with the help of a linear algorithm, corrections of the energy response are possible. So, the national requirements for anH*(10) area dosemeter in Germany can be fulfilled. The requirements ofIEC 62387are fulfilled for angles of radiation incidence from 0° to 60° for a rotation around the vertical and horizontal axis through the dosemeter, whereas for angles of incidence from 75° to 90°, the requirements are only fulfilled for rotation around the vertical axis through both elements.