Entropy correction to stationary black hole via fermions tunneling beyond semiclassical approximation

Research paper by Yu-Quan Yuan, Xiao-Xiong Zeng, Zhi-Jian Zhou, Liang-Ping Jin

Indexed on: 25 Apr '09Published on: 25 Apr '09Published in: General Relativity and Gravitation


Recently, fermions tunneling beyond semiclassical approximation from an uncharged static black hole was investigated by Majhi, which was based on the work of Banerjee and Majhi, it was found that the black hole entropy correction can be produced as the quantum effect of a particle is taken into account. In this paper, we further extend this idea to the stationary Kerr black hole to discuss its entropy correction. To get the corrections correctly, the proportionality parameters of quantum corrections of action Ii to the semiclassical action I0 in this case are regarded as the inverse of the product of Planck Length and Planck Mass. The result shows that entropy corrections to the stationary black hole also include the logarithmic term and inverse area term in Bekenstein–Hawking entropy beyond semiclassical approximation.