Entropy correction of charged black hole via fermions tunneling beyond semi-classical approximation

Research paper by XiaoXiong Zeng, Ling Li, XinYun Hu

Indexed on: 30 Jan '10Published on: 30 Jan '10Published in: Science China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy


Motivated by the idea of tunneling beyond semi-classical approximation of Majhi et al., we discuss entropy correction of Dirac particles tunneling from the Reissner-Nordström black hole with a global monopole. To get the corrections correctly, we regard the proportionality constants of quantum correction terms to the semi-classical term of action as the inverse of the square of the Planck Length but not that of the Planck Mass. Our study shows that corrections to the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy, namely the logarithmic term and the inverse area term, may be reproduced as the quantum effect is considered.