Entanglement Teleportation Through 1D Heisenberg Chain

Research paper by X. Hao, S. Zhu

Indexed on: 24 Jan '05Published on: 24 Jan '05Published in: Quantum Physics


Information transmission of two qubits through two independent 1D Heisenberg chains as a quantum channel is analyzed. It is found that the entanglement of two spin-$\frac 12$ quantum systems is decreased during teleportation via the thermal mixed state in 1D Heisenberg chain. The entanglement teleportation will be realized if the minimal entanglement of the thermal mixed state is provided in such quantum channel. High average fidelity of teleportation with values larger than 2/3 is obtained when the temperature {\it T} is very low. The mutual information $\mathcal{I}$ of the quantum channel declines with the increase of the temperature and the external magnetic field. The entanglement quality of input signal states cannot enhance mutual information of the quantum channel.