Entanglement frustration in multimode Gaussian states

Research paper by Cosmo Lupo, Stefano Mancini, Paolo Facchi, Giuseppe Florio, Saverio Pascazio

Indexed on: 17 Oct '11Published on: 17 Oct '11Published in: Quantum Physics


Bipartite entanglement between two parties of a composite quantum system can be quantified in terms of the purity of one party and there always exists a pure state of the total system that maximizes it (and minimizes purity). When many different bipartitions are considered, the requirement that purity be minimal for all bipartitions gives rise to the phenomenon of entanglement frustration. This feature, observed in quantum systems with both discrete and continuous variables, can be studied by means of a suitable cost function whose minimizers are the maximally multipartite-entangled states (MMES). In this paper we extend the analysis of multipartite entanglement frustration of Gaussian states in multimode bosonic systems. We derive bounds on the frustration, under the constraint of finite mean energy, in the low and high energy limit.